In search of a cool motorcycle helmet? Then this is the place to be!

In most countries helmets are required when riding a motorcycle 100% of the time, while the main purpose of a motorcycle helmet may be to protect the rider if they fall, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! There are plenty of cool motorcycle helmet design around, you just need to know where to look, we are here to make the job easy for you, all the coolest helmets in one place!

Cool Motorcycle Helmets

What Make A Cool Motorcycle Helmet?

The phrase ‘cool’ is open for interpretation, our definition of cool may be different to yours, yours may be different to the person living next door. Some people think of the word ‘cool’ as being stand-out, funky or maybe even eye-catching, while you may have a different definition for the word, we believe it means all these things and more! So with that in mind let’s start looking at some cool motorcycle helmets!

10 Of The Coolest Motorcycle Helmets For 2016

Cool Motorcycle Helmets - 2016 Guide!

ImageNamePriceOur Rating

Masei 610 Atomic Man Blue
MASEI 610 Atomic Man Blue - Click Here For Full Specs289.009.5

Scorpion Preciosa
Scorpion Preciosa EXO-1100 - Click Here For Full Specs2.99.959.0

1Storm Open Face Helmet + 3D Skull - Click Here For Full Specs79.958.0

Shark RAW Soyouz Helmet
Shark Raw Soyouz Helmet Gold/Black - Click Here For Full Specs299.997.0

Masei 610 Atomic Man
Masei 610 Atomic Man Red/Gold - Click Here For Full Specs229.008.0

Nexx Vintage X60
Nexx X60 Vintage open Face Helmet - Click Here For FVull Specs294.007.0

Bio Hazard Helmet
Bio-Hazard Black Matte Helmet - Click Here For Full Spec50.008.8

NOLAN N-44 N-COM Storm Helmet - Click Here For Full Specs328.009.8
Nutcase NMTO AmericanaNutcase NMTO Americana - Click Here For Full Specs104.669.5

Shoei Neotec
Shoei Neotec - Click Here For Full Specs582.699.2

Masei 610 Atomic Man BlueMASEI 610 Atomic Man (Blue)

The MASEI 610 Atomic Man (Blue) is an incredible helmet that actually comes in a four different colours, blue, red, green and black as well as every size imaginable. This DOT approved helmet features removable/washable Hydra cheek pads and flip-up visor.

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Scorpion Preciosa

Scorpion Preciosa EXO-1100

The Scorpion Preciosa comes in a stunning purple colour and is packed with cool features such as the Air Fit inflatable check pads, SpeedShift Quick-Change Shield System, EverClear No-Fog Shield and a SpeedView Retractable Sun Visor.

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1Storm1Storm Open Face Helmet (Skull Gray/Black)

The 1Storm Open Face Helmet comes in a variety of different styles including matte black, glossy blue and the gray/black design that you can see here. This DOT approved helmet has a bunch of cool features including an advanced quick release buckle,  washable padding, light-weight aerodynamic thermoplastic shell and much more.

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Shark RAW Soyouz HelmetShark RAW Soyouz (Gold/Black)

The Shark RAW Soyouz helmet is constructed from thermoplastic resin and has a natural fiber interior and ventilation system using air vents and diffusers. It also includes a quick release goggle system, anti-fog and anti-scratch visor.

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Masei 610 Atomic ManMASEI 610 Atomic Man (Red/Gold)

The Masei 610 Atomic Man motorcycle helmet in red and gold looks very much like a Marvel Iron Man helmet, although it is also available in a number of other cool colours and designs. These DOT approved helmets feature a flip up visor and removable padding for easy cleaning.

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Nexx Vintage X60Nexx X60 Vintage Open Face Helmet

The Nexx X60 Vintage Open Face Helmet is a DOT approved helmet made from advanced thermo resin. It comes with removable, washable and anti-allergic lining for easy cleaning and also comes in a number of different colours.

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Bio Hazard HelmetBio-Hazard Black Matte Helmet

The DOT approved Bio-Hazard helmet includes a number of very cool features, including a light-weight ABS composite shell, washable interior, multiple air intakes and rear extracts and also a retractable sun visor with glove-friendly controls.

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NOLAN N44Nolan N-44 N-COM Storm Helmet

The Nolan N-44 N-COM Storm Helmet features an innovative ventilation system with an air intake in the chin guard, air intake in the frontal area and two rear extractors. The N-44 also comes in a variety of different colours and designs.

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Nutcase NMTO AmericanaNutcase NMTO Americana

The Nutcase NMTO Americana is a DOT/ECE dual-certified helmet that comes with an injection-molded ABS shell and EPS foam liner. Also included are an anti-scratch visor and removable ear pads and a very cool storage bag.

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Shoei NeotecShoei Neotec Modular Helmet

The Shoei Neotec offers a large lock release button, lightweight chin bar and a 360 degree pivot locking system. It also features a removable, washable and replaceable liner for easy cleaning.

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Types Of Motorcycle Helmets:

Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

Full face motorcycle helmets provide maximum protection to the user as it covers the entire face and head. As it completely covers the head and face it shields you from wind, dust, rain, hail and insects whilst out on your motorcycle.

Check here for the coolest full face motorcycle helmets.

Flip Up or Modular Motorcycle Helmets

Flip-up helmets cover the full face, however, when the helmet is flipped up the jaw and face is exposed.

Open Face Helmets

Open face helmets often look very retro, these helmets only cover your skull and leave your face exposed.

Low Profile or Half Helmets

Low profile or half helmets often look like WW2 military helmets and only cover the top of your head, leaving all of your face and ears exposed.

Important things to consider before purchasing a new motorcycle helmet:

Look for certifications: There are certain standards that tell you whether or not a motorcycle helmet is safe to use on the road. The most important standard is DOT, DOT approved helmets define the minimal level of performance required to meet US standards. If a helmet meets the DOT standard then it will have a DOT sticker on it.

The second most important standard is SNELL, SNELL is a privately administered body that defines the standards to be followed by protective headgear. The SNELL standards are far stricter than the DOT standards, approved SNELL helmets will also have a ‘SNELL Approved’ sticker on them.

Helmet Materials: Helmet materials are something covered by both DOT and SNELL, however, you knowing what your helmet is made from really can’t hurt. Your helmet should be tough but also light-weight, the best materials are generally Kevlar, Carbon-Fibre or fibreglass.

The interior of helmets should be made from soft materials that cushion the head and absorb any impact, EPS or Expanded Polystyrene foam is the best material for this.

Fit and comfort: Comfort is very important when choosing a new helmet, make sure you measure yourself before choosing helmet so you get one that fits properly. A helmet should fit tightly enough that it doesn’t shake when you move your head from side to side but loose enough to be able to pull it off.

Ventilation and visors: Ventilation plays a huge role, a good helmet will be nicely ventilated and allow air to circulate inside them.

A visor allows the user to see properly when riding, a visor with anti-scratch and anti-fogging capabilities are generally best.