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Bell Rogue Helmet Review

Bell Rogue HelmetThe Bell Rogue Helmet is a design you simply don’t see every day. This half helmet can double-up as a 3/4 helmet thanks to the revolutionary muzzle it comes with. The adjustable and removable muzzle also comes with a detachable breath box, handy for those chilly mornings.

For those who always think of safety first, yes this helmet is DOT certified. It features a multi-shell and EPS lined design that extends to slightly below the crown of the head where it merges with a shroud that protects the back of the head.

If you want to go out and ride while looking like a cross between Bane and Mad Max, then there is simply no better helmet!

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Things We Like

  • Detachable and removable muzzle allows you to switch between styles
  • FidLock magnetic connection makes removing or connecting the muzzle simple
  • Five Year Warranty

Bell Rogue Helmet Review


The Bell Rogue Helmet is DOT approved and meets the minimal safety standards. While this helmet may be advertised as a half helmet, it is actually a 3/4 helmet as it covers the bottom part of the back of the head as well as much of the face.


As this helmet isn’t your typical half-helmet and your ears are actually covered it does offer some protection from road noise which is great if that is something that bothers you.


The Bell Rogue Helmet can be entirely open face or partially open depending on the muzzle. The helmet itself requires no ventilation as it is already open to the elements.


At just 2.8 pounds the Bell Rogue Helmet is incredibly lightweight and comfortable, perfect for those who don’t wish to be enclosed in a full-face helmet.

Shell and Liner

Available in all sizes and various colours, the Bell Rogue Helmet should suit just about everybody is some form.

Removable and washable interior as well as convenient speaker pockets make the Bell Rogue Helmet a comfortable and enjoyable ride, every single time.


The Bell Rogue Helmet doesn’t come with a visor included, you could choose a very cool pair of goggles to go with it.

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  • Lightweight composite shell
  • Revolutionary muzzle design
  • FidLock magnetic connection
  • Removable and washable interior
  • Five year warranty
  • DOT approved
  • Some people feel the muzzle sits too low


The Bell Rogue Helmet is an incredibly cool helmet that will make you stand out from the crowd thanks to its revolutionary muzzle design. The Mad Max/Bane look that it gives you is something no other helmet on the market today will offer.

This helmet is really a 2-in-1 helmet, by simply removing the muzzle you have yourself a fairly normal looking helmet. However, with the muzzle on it is transformed into something entirely different to your typical half helmet and makes you really stand out.

However, this helmet isn’t just good looking, it ticks a lot of boxes! It’s DOT approved, has a lightweight composite shell with stainless steel D-rings and also comes with a 5 year warranty. While it may not come in a huge amount of colours or designs, their are a few to choose from and lets be honest, this helmet looks great in black!

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9.1 Total Score
Incredible 2-In-1 Design With Revolutionary Muzzle

Who doesn't want to look like Mad Max as they drive around the streets of their home town? This incredible 2-in-1 helmet with revolutionary detachable muzzle will make you stand out from the crowd no matter where you are. Using a FidLock magnetic connection you can easily add or remove the muzzle whenever you want. If you want something different, the Bell Rogue Helmet is definitely something you should consider.

Shell & Liner
Design & Style
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