Best Motorcycle Helmet?

Let’s be clear – to a motorcyclist nothing should be more important than your motorcycle helmet. Protecting yourself from injury should always be your number one priority, it’s very simple! Fortunately, with the latest technology many motorcycle helmets are more protective than ever before. Motorcycle helmets also come in more variety than ever before, with literally thousands of designs to choose from.

Choosing the best motorcycle helmet to suit your needs can be a difficult task, with so many¬†options now on the market you really need to make sure you find one that meets your requirements. To list a few you have open face, full face, flip up, half helmets, low profile and many others. Then of course you have the choice of colours and more importantly, safety ratings, fit, interior features, communication etc…the list is almost endless. However, by creating this website we hope to have made the task a little easier for you.

Best Motorcycle Helmet?

What You Need To Consider When Choosing A Motorcycle Helmet

Certified and Tested

Green TickThe number one criteria with any helmet is always safety and fortunately in many modern countries such as the US/UK/Canada etc. safety standards are in place to promote the manufacturing of very effective helmets. In the United States DOT standard defines the minimum levels of performance that helmets must meet for them to be legal on US roads. You will find a DOT sticker on helmets which meet this requirement.

The SNELL standard (USA) is a privately administered standard which has even stricter requirements and standards. Helmets that meet the SNELL standards will bear the words ”SNELL approved’.

If you are purchasing a helmet in the USA then it is essential that it meets the requirements of DOT or SNELL, always check before buying a helmet that it has been approved by at least one of these two organisations.

Helmet Design and Materials

Green TickChoosing a helmet made from the best materials should be another high priority. The outer material is your first line of defence and should be made from Kevlar or Carbon fiber for maximum protection.

You should also be looking at expanded polyester (EPS) foam on the inside of the helmet. Dual layers of EPS will be even better, EPS is great for high-impact energy absorption and dispersion.


Green TickA well ventilated helmet isn’t all about comfort. Toxic exhaust fumes from your bike can sometime make their way into your helmet and so a good ventilation system is something to be thankful for.

A well ventilated helmet will ensure that air flows properly through the sides of the helmet to minimize any chance of you inhaling toxic fumes while also stopping you from sweating. Many high-end helmets have an adjustable ventilation system, this allows you to increase or decrease airflow.

Face Shield

Green TickThe face shield should always meet the required safety standards but also have as good visibility as possible.

The very best helmets usually come with quality visors that eliminate distortion and use an anti-fog coating. As you reach the higher end of the market you will see features such as UV protection and quick-release, this allows you to swap-out visors.


Green TickAs a general rule the more cover the helmet gives you the better. Full-face helmets offer more protection than any other helmet and so generally these will be your best choice.

However, you’ll find many people who prefer open face or low-profile helmets as this allows you to feel the wind on your face as you ride. Many people believe this is the only way a motorbike should be ridden. While to many people this may seem like a great option, when it comes to protection it offers very little in comparison with a good full-face helmet.

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